Press release of 16 May 2023


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SGT German Private Equity proposes dividend to its shareholders again
and intends to make a public share buyback tender offer

  • Net profit of 16 cents per share in 2022 exceeds expectations of management report in 2021
  • Proposed dividend of 2 cents and intention of a share buyback in the volume of 11 cents per share
  • Book value of equity of 2.15 EUR per share

Frankfurt/Main, 16 May 2023 – SGT German Private Equity (SGF), a listed private equity asset manager, proposes a dividend payment in the same amount of 2 cents per share again to its shareholders in the Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2023.

In addition, the management of SGF expresses its intention to make a public share buyback tender offer to its shareholders in the second half of 2023. The targeted volume of the share buyback amounts to around 5 million EUR or 11 cents per share. In total, SGF would then return 6 million EUR or 13 cents per share in cash to its shareholders. This equals 7% of its current market capitalization.

With net earnings of 7 million EUR or 16 cents per share in the past financial year, SGF exceeds its own forecasts and estimates slightly (IFRS cons.). The segment “PE-Asset Management” generated a profit of 9.3 million EUR or 22 cents per share, the segment “Investment” caused a loss of 2.4 million EUR or 6 cents per share. The IFRS financial statements are based on an average of 41,735,287 shares across the financial year. As of 31 December 2022 and currently, 46,301,800 shares are outstanding.

SGF generated sales revenues of some 13 million EUR (2021: 11 million euros). Those revenues of 13.3 million EUR are almost exclusively attributable to the segment “PE-Asset Management” (2021: 11.1 million EUR). The revenues have caused costs of purchased services of 3.9 million EUR (2021: 2.4 million EUR). This equals a gross margin of 70% (2021: 78%). The segment achieved an EBITDA of 5.0 million EUR (2021: 6.0 million EUR).

The equity has increased from 42.3 million EUR per 31 December 2021 by 57.0 million EUR to 99.4 million EUR or 2.15 EUR per share.

The annual report and the agenda of the Annual General Meeting will be published on 19 May 2023.

Investor Relations Contact
Rosenberg Strategic Communications
Dirk Schmitt
+49 170 302 8833

About SGT German Private Equity
SGT German Private Equity is a Germany-based listed private equity asset manager with registered office in Frankfurt/Main. Its 100% subsidiary SGT Capital Pte. Ltd. is a global alternative investment and private equity asset manager headquartered in Singapore.
SGT Capital Fund II, with a geographical focus on Europe and North America (fund lifetime ten years), invests in market leaders and utilizes its proprietary expertise to further globalize the businesses, particularly into Asia markets. SGT seeks to enhance the international capabilities of the businesses it acquires and increasing their global economies of scale.  SGT has targeted fundraising volume of 2 to 3 billion USD. The management team has many years of senior experience at renowned addresses – global private equity houses, management consultancies and investment banks. SGT Capital currently manages its issued Private Equity Funds, and a joint venture with an Asian financial services provider, in a total volume of more than 800 million USD.
From its origin as a leading German venture capital provider under the German Startups Group brand SGT German Private Equity also holds a heritage portfolio of minority stakes in some promising German Startups.

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