Specifically, we offer pragmatic support regarding the orientation and the strategy of the company; corporate legal structure; competitive differentiation; funding; accounting; controlling; marketing and sales; business administration; general management; human resources management and incentivisation; recruitment of consultants, service providers, and employees; overcoming challenges and crises; conflict resolution; and ultimately the procurement and negotiation of exit opportunities. Additionally, we offer further non-monetary services, e.g. we organize follow-on funding rounds together with co-investors, provide members for the advisory, supervisory or even temporarily the management board if requested, and finally accompany exit processes.

Through our investment in company builders, German Startups Group is also active in the systematic “production“ of companies – also known as company building. In this case, we do not purchase stakes in companies that are already in existence, but co-found them instead. Therefore, we acquire stakes at face value and finance personnel and other costs during the initial development stage in addition to providing office space and infrastructure. This model is particularly well-suited to young first-time founders.