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21 July 2017



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German Startups Group considerably profitable again in the first half of 2017

Berlin, 21 July 2017 – German Startups Group, the most active private venture capital provider in Germany in the time period since 2012 (CB Insights 2015, PitchBook 2016), was profitably again in the first half of 2017, according to preliminary interim financial statements (IFRS consolidated, unaudited). German Startups Group achieved a preliminary net consolidated profit of 2.2 million euros in the reporting period (whole year 2016: -3.5 million euros). This equates to a net profit of approximately 0.19 euros per share. For the first time, the profit within the first half of the year is mainly attributed to realized sales proceeds. The short-term assets amount to more than 10 million euros or around 0.85 euros per share. The book value of equity totals over 30 million euros or 2.50 euros per share (excluding the share of minority shareholders of Exozet). Not included in this are hidden reserves, especially concerning the value of majority shareholding Exozet which, in accordance with IFRS, is still entered in the balance sheet at the value of its first consolidation per 30 June 2015, but has grown significantly and turned profitable since.


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German Startups Group – We Love Startups!

The German Startups Group, a publicly traded company comprises one of the leading VC providers in Germany with a digital agency employing 150 staff in Berlin. With a focus on Germany’s young, fast growing companies – so called startups – the company acquires majority and minority shareholdings by providing venture capital. The core investment focus is on those tech companies whose products or business models include disruptive innovation, allow for a high degree of scalability and are run by strong entrepreneurial management teams. Since it commenced operations in 2012, German Startups Group has built a diversified portfolio of stakes in such companies and has become the most active private venture capital investor in Germany (CB Insights 2015, Pitchbook 2016). With the launch of G|S Market™ via a wholly owned subsidiary German Startups Market GmbH, the company operates a secondary market platform for tech assets since June 2018. Its majority holding, German Startups Asset Management GmbH, will launch its own novel type VC funds in the future and provide SPVs for G|S Market™ on the acquirer side in order to enable several investors to acquire larger investment opportunities through pooled investments.


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