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13 December 2019



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German Startups Group: Focus investment AuctionTech enters into further significant partnership for its software technology for professional online real estate marketing

Berlin, 13 December 2019 – AuctionTech, a Berlin-based software provider of tailor-made, highly scalable online auction solutions and a focus investment of German Startups Group, has formed a partnership with RE/MAX Switzerland, Switzerland’s largest real estate broker and national franchisee of the world’s largest real estate broker, to introduce the digital offer management solution for real estate sales in Switzerland, which it has successfully established in Austria already since 2018.

The digital offer management process was developed as a white label solution and has already been in use since 23 October 2018 at RE/MAX Austria, the local market leader, and helped brokers to sell over 600 properties, whereby prices 5-10% better than traditional offline sales have been achieved. In addition, the process enables a faster and more transparent sales success. AuctionTech plans to roll out the software solution to further European countries.

German Startups Group is lead investor of AuctionTech and holds 23.4%.


Investor Relations Contact
German Startups Group
Marcel Doeppes


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