Press release of
6 October 2020



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German Startups Group publishes interim report and
expects its future subsidiary SGT Capital to deliver further achievements already within the next weeks

  • Neutral result in the first half of 2020
  • First private equity transaction and raise of further capital commitments by its future subsidiary to be expected soon
  • Renaming of the German Startups Group in SGT German Private Equity and relocation to Frankfurt/Main are imminent
  • Share buyback tender offer at a stock price of 2.00 euros is running at least until 13 October 2020

Berlin, 6 October 2020 – The German Startups Group, a leading venture capital provider in Germany up to now and future private equity asset manager has published its interim report for the first half of 2020. The net result amounts to -167k euros, respectively -0.02 euros per share (1H2019: +0.02 euros). The equity amounts to 29.8 million euros, respectively 2.75 euros per share (31.12.2019: 2.77 euros). The interim report can be downloaded on the company’s website via ‘For Shareholders’.

The German Startups Group expects its future 100% subsidiary SGT Capital Pte. Ltd., a global alternative investment and private equity asset manager, headquartered in Singapore, to accomplish the first private equity transaction for its private equity fund investors within the next weeks. This involves the acquisition of all shares of a European mid-sized company holding a global market leader position in its product category. In the course of the transaction in a three-digit million size SGT Capital also expects to achieve further capital commitments. Being a so-called asset manager the business model of SGT Capital is to earn management fees through such long-term private equity investments, typically about 2% p.a. of the equity invested through it.

The renaming of German Startups Group to SGT German Private Equity GmbH & Co. KGaA and the relocation of the registered office to Frankfurt/Main are imminent. In the next step towards the implementation of the merger with SGT Capital Pte. Ltd., the contribution in kind and the respective further amendments of the articles resolved at the Annual General Meeting on 7 August 2020, will be filed to the Commercial Register. The merger results in a Germany-based, listed private equity asset manager. The merged company expects sustainable, predictable net profits from market standard asset management fees.

The public share buyback tender offer of the German Startups Group to buy back at least 5% of the outstanding shares at a stock price of 2.00 euros is running at least until 13 October 2020, 12:00 pm (CET). Its 1,130,400 treasury shares, the majority of which were acquired in 2019, have already been redeemed and removed from the Commercial Register. In case more than 542,700 shares are tendered for buyback as part of the offer, the acceptance declarations will be considered proportionally, i.e. in the ratio of the 542,700 shares to the aggregate number of shares tendered for buyback. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to increase the number of shares to be bought back for that case.


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