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New high tech stock exchange in Germany
Why we should keep the discussion alive

Many founders and investors were surprised when the FDP and with it the German Economics Minister Dr. Philipp Rösler on 22 September finally rejected from German Government. Although he was the subject of controversial discussion on the one hand, many industry experts hopefully looked at his impetus for the start-up scene in Germany on the other. However, regardless of this event, the start-up scene in Germany should maintain the launched debate about the so-called new “New market".Investing in startups "made in Germany" could become attractive for domestic and foreign investors, the startup scene could be revived, and many qualified new jobs in Germany could be created.

New Market - Old Idea?

New Market - A term moved like a quake through the network within recent weeks and still puts many investors into fear. The memories of excessive speculation and a bubble that has burst vehemently are omnipresent.

German Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor himself, was it then who has revived the theme of a technology exchange, an idea believed to be dead. Hardly one politician in recent years had made such publicity for start-ups in Germany. He 's even travelled to Silicon Valley to strengthen the connection to Berlin 's "Silicon Allee", to seek expert opinions and to proclaim the next "founding era" for Germany on the side of Peter Thiel.

But the critics didn´t take long. It wouldn´t need a new market segment, since there are already established stock exchanges, exit opportunities and models such as crowdfunding. A new market segment can also always carry the risk of high expectations and low standards of transparency with it. The fundamentals for the next bubble would be created.

The development of crowd investment in Germany is actually very positive. More and more people are interested in start-ups from Germany and want to participate on the success stories "Made in Germany". Crowdfunding currently offers this possibility and thus supposedly closes the gap between venture capital and a possible stock market that is suitable for start-ups.

Investing in start-ups - A new technology stock exchange for scalable disruptive business models as an opportunity for start-ups and investors

But a technology stock exchange would bring far-reaching benefits. Whether on business angels, seed investment, Early Stage investments through venture capital, crowdfunding or crowd-IPO investment through platforms such as Bergfürst; the possibilities for fund raising are big in Germany. But a technology stock exchange such as Nasdaq in the United States does not exist in Germany.

Target group should be institutional investors and interested, informed private investors from Germany and abroad. The simplified exit channel for startups would likely motivate venture capital investors like the German Startups Group to higher and more frequent investments. As most critics will have you know: Germany has no shortage in money; there is just a lack of participation.A German Nasdaq would likely provide the industry with new capital and also strengthen the awareness and international development opportunities for German startups.

The German Startups Group is in favour of new technology stock exchange

The industry has developed, has grown out of its infancy and become more mature. Therefore, the CEO of German Startups Group, Christoph Gerlinger, is impressed by the new ideas for the creation of a specialized market segment:

"An efficient exit channel via IPO is the basics of what the Silicon Allee called German start-up scene separates from its great role model Silicon Valley."

We should take on the idea of ​​a new technology stock exchange and continue the discussion begun in recent weeks. The importance of private investors for the startup scene in Germany and the start-up scene for the German economic power will grow sharply in the coming years. Meanwhile, the idea of a new market takes up speed again, and a specific start of a new technology market before Easter 2014 becomes a possibility.

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