Coalition for a German IT Location?

The coalition talks in Berlin running now for several months. CDU and SPD in Berlin wrestle about important cornerstones of a possible government. Family, finance, health. But also the importance of the start-up ecosystem Germany is now in focus and becomes increasingly important. A own secretary of state, a venture capital act, a new high-technology stock exchange in Germany? These are decisive days in Berlin to improve the conditions for the IT location Germany, to attract new investors and thus to optimize the environment for founders.

The Internet Ministry - regulation for the Silicon Allee?

It seems clear that the task fields regarding the organization of the Internet have not been clarified yet. Too are the gaps between the ministries of economy, consumer protection and home affairs. So that the coordination will be optimized in terms of Internet, there are now three proposals from the working groups of the SPD and CDU. Option 1 would be a newly established Internet Ministry. In addition, the two other options of an IT state minister or a secretary of state IT are analysed.Regardless of the danger of over-regulation, Berlin would not only set an internationally mark, but also create a point of contact and a representative in Germany .

New Venture Capital Act - catch up with Europe!

One of the biggest flaws of Germany's startup scene likely is a significant funding gap for young companies. Although alternative forms of investment such as Crowdfunding or Crowdinvesting are on the rise, in international comparison Germany is far back behind the U.S. or neighbouring European countries such as France or the UK. While there are tax incentives for venture capitalists in these countries, the importance of the industry is still discussed in Germany. Investing in Start-ups "Made in Germany" is therefore considerably more difficult and Germany invests only a marginal share of its GDP compared to its neighbors. Regarding this, foreign investors find it hard to invest in Germany, too. That slows down the IT location Germany and is now to be remedied.

New high technology exchange for Germany - a German Nasdaq

A lot of has been reported and written. The former idea of the outgoing minister of economy Rösler about a new market segment remains current topic and is much discussed in Berlin at the moment. Now the future federal government cares about the subject and thinks about possible structures. A new stock exchange would be a new exit possibility for investors who want to invest in start-ups. With that associated increasing attractiveness and attention for the industry would give new impetus to the start-up ecosystem in Berlin and Germany.

The founding era in Germany seems to arrive in the German government, and it is worth it to hope that from the good approaches and ideas meaningful and goal-oriented packages are put together so that Germany can position itself as an IT location in the long run.

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