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10 January 2023


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SGT German Private Equity – Major shareholder SGT Capital LLC
acquires more shares

Frankfurt/Main, 10 January 2023 – SGT German Private Equity (SGF), a listed private equity asset manager, has been informed by its major shareholder SGT Capital LLC (SGTLLC) that it has acquired more than 164,000 SGF shares in the market since November 2022. Thus, in line with its announcement of 28 October 2022, it has restored its original shareholding of 79.3%. The managing directors of SGF, Carsten Geyer and Christoph Gerlinger, indirectly hold more than one third of the shares in SGTLLC. The remaining shares of SGTLLC are indirectly held by the other partners of the SGT Capital Group, Dr. Marcel Normann, Joseph Pacini, Marianne Rajic and Jens Dino Steinborn. The management and private equity deal team thus holds nearly 80% of the SGF shares. This generates an extensive alignment of interests with 3rd party shareholders, not only in terms of shareholder value, dividends and tender offers, but also in terms of the trading liquidity of the SGF shares.

The remaining 20.7% of SGF shares are free float.

Its positive stock price performance against the market trend in 2022 has ranked SGF among the top five stocks of the Scale segment of the German Stock Exchange, comprising of 53 companies.


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About SGT German Private Equity

SGT German Private Equity is a Germany-based listed private equity asset manager with registered office in Frankfurt/Main. Its 100% subsidiary SGT Capital Pte. Ltd. is a global alternative investment and private equity asset manager headquartered in Singapore.

SGT Capital Fund II, with a geographical focus on Europe and North America (fund lifetime ten years), invests in market leaders and utilizes its proprietary expertice to further globalize the businesses, particularly into Asia markets. SGT has targeted fundraising volume of 2 to 3 billion USD. The management team has many years of senior experience at renowned addresses – global private equity houses, management consultancies and investment banks. SGT Capital currently manages its issued Private Equity Funds, and a joint venture with an Asian financial services provider, in a total volume of more than 800 million USD.

From its origin as a leading German venture capital provider under the German Startups Group brand SGT German Private Equity also holds a heritage portfolio of minority stakes in some promising German Startups.


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