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German Startups meets Silicon Allee

With currently 20 investments since the founding of the German Startups Group by Christoph Gerlinger in 2012, you can quickly lose track of the current holdings. To be close to the German Startups Group in the future, the startup ecosystem Berlin (Silicon Allee), and the milestones of the German startup boom, we now have created this blog and a news ticker on the webpage of the German Startups Group.

Startup Ecosystem Berlin

Whether venture capital, business angels or early stage investments. In Berlin, young companies like TVSmiles, 9Cookies or Wummelkiste not only find qualified personnel and cheap offices, but also investors who want to accompany their way. The German Startups Group positioned itself here in the past with "smart, fast and friendly money" as one of the most active investors in Berlin and thus built a virtual cross-section of the German startup landscape with 20 companies within the last 15 months. We already know that Startup-Germany can create a lot of success stories and has successful teams of entrepreneurs. Through our office in Berlin we will be able to report directly out of the ecosystem Berlin, about German startups and to continue our support of many talented founders.

TVSmiles, FAB, 9Cookies...

Have you realized a friendly smiley face in television within the last weeks? Does your waiter recently took your order via iPad? Haven´t you recently searched unique furniture and design rarities online and have easily found it? Then we have accomplished our mission. The app of TVSmiles, the online marketplace of FAB and the restaurant software of 9Cookies are just some of the ideas you will see more often in future. Our goal is to promote German startups to the extent that they are an indispensable part of your daily life. Our new blog will tell you about exciting startups, but also the latest trends.

Second Screen TV, SaaS, Social Commerce

When we mention the terms second screen TV when writing about TVSmiles, SaaS when explaining the concept of 9Cookies, and mention FAB as an example of social commerce, it is easy to get lost. The German Startups Group will not just explain the companies we invested in, we will also explain the concepts behind them - "smart, fast and friendly" as explained once by the founder of German Startup Group, Christoph Gerlinger. With this attitude, we not just want to reach all the startups in Berlin and Germany, we also want to reach all those interested as well as all investors in the future. Transparency and openness for new influences are therefore the focus and will be reflected within the new blog of German Startups Group.

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