Rock it Biz Logo

Rock it Biz is a non-profit that fosters entrepreneurial education for children and young people through a school programme using its own custom educational material. Participants are offered the chance to discover their startup spirit and learn about entrepreneurship during their school years – and not just in theory. As part of the Rock it Biz programme, pupils “found” their own startups for the duration of the project and learn about each step involved in building a company – from the initial business concept to the creation of a product and, finally, the sale of that product. This helps them develop key skills such as independence, creativity and the ability to work as part of a team and offers them the opportunity to meet with successful entrepreneurs.

Rock it Biz consciously targets Grades 6-9 at all types of school in Germany because entrepreneurial education should begin at an early age and should be offered to as many young people as possible – regardless of their social, family and cultural backgrounds.

German Startups Group supported a Rock it Bit project at the Gymnasium Bondenwald in Hamburg in 2015.