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Hello majority stakes! Hello Exozet!

Anyone reading today’s press release may be a little surprised at first glance: majority stakes? Isn’t German Startups Group a venture capital firm that only acquires minority stakes like other VCs?

Well, no. For a start, we’ve never been a typical venture capital fund. We’ve always gone off the beaten track, looking for new paths in the VC industry – an industry that, ironically enough, is relatively lacking in innovation.

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German Startups meets Silicon Allee

With currently 20 investments since the founding of the German Startups Group by Christoph Gerlinger in 2012, you can quickly lose track of the current holdings. To be close to the German Startups Group in the future, the startup ecosystem Berlin (Silicon Allee), and the milestones of the German startup boom, we now have created this blog and a news ticker on the webpage of the German Startups Group. Read On >>