Hello majority stakes! Hello Exozet!

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Hello majority stakes! Hello Exozet!

Anyone reading today’s press release may be a little surprised at first glance: majority stakes? Isn’t German Startups Group a venture capital firm that only acquires minority stakes like other VCs?

Well, no. For a start, we’ve never been a typical venture capital fund. We’ve always gone off the beaten track, looking for new paths in the VC industry – an industry that, ironically enough, is relatively lacking in innovation.

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Big Picture

The Democratisation of Venture Capital

Private wealth across Europe is at an all-time high; yet European venture capital firms still line up for the same few managers of pension and insurance funds, relying on their goodwill. If we aim to significantly increase the amount of venture capital raised in Europe, we have to lower the barriers to entry for affluent private investors and raise awareness about the benefits of venture capital in order to access the substantial amounts of private wealth that sits unused. Read On >>


Berlin is the center of investments in startups

Whether Munich, Hamburg or Berlin, they all stand for the current founding era in Germany. Gratifying is that the investments in startups rise again on a constant level and start-ups "Made in Germany" (e.g. Zalando, rebuy, Mister Spex or Amorelie) have again become an attractive investment in Germany. New studies show that a large proportion of the amount invested within last year has flowed to Berlin. Read On >>