Our Mission

SGT German Private Equity is a stock market listed holding of a private equity asset manager, thus of a service provider which makes investments for its issued private equity funds, hence it acquires, fosters and sells stakes in established larger businesses after value gains have been generated. Usually, 100% of the shares of the targets are acquired. The acquired stake holdings managed by our 100% subsidiary SGT Capital Pte. Ltd. belong to a separate private equity fund for institutional investors such as pension funds, life insurances and others.

The economic goal of our business model is to generate sustainable, predictable profitability and increase the Assets under Management steadily with a high quality asset management service.

With the creation of our listed platform we are following our vision to build a significant alternative investment and private equity asset manager in Germany by exploiting long term growth potentials, also through acquisitions of further asset managers, just as various renown foreign peers have successfully proven.

SGT German Private Equity has spun-off all of its minority stakes in German startups, acquired from its history as a leading German venture capital provider under the brand German Startups Group, into its 100% subsidiary German Startups Group VC GmbH in the first half of 2020.